Faculty Video: Atlanta-America-Asia: Examining Anti-Asian Hate

On April 19th, BISR Faculty Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Patrick Blanchfield, Lygia Sabbag Fares, and Kate Doyle Griffiths were joined by Tobita Chow to discuss and contextualize the recent intensification, throughout the U.S., in anti-Asian racism and violence. In what ways has U.S. imperialism, with its long and violent involvement in Asia and the Pacific, conditioned perceptions of Asian migrants—as workers, citizens, and non-whites? What explains increasing U.S. antagonism toward China, and in what ways does it redound domestically? Why are Asian-Americans at once seen as a “model” minority and as essentially Other; and how has the racialized sorting of Asian- versus Hispanic and Black Americans thwarted interracial solidarity?
The event gets underway at 9:00.

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