Faculty Video: Jacqueline Rose in Conversation

On, Wednesday, July 14th, BISR faculty Danielle Drori and Rebecca Ariel Porte welcomed Jacqueline Rose for a wide-ranging discussion of her new book, On Violence and On Violence Against Women, as well as her previous work on feminism, motherhood, racism, and apartheid. Among the topics discussed: Why, for Rose, are literature and psychoanalysis unique spaces for saying the unsayable? How do we write about violence without repeating it? What are we to make of the category of consent? How does the trauma of abuse affect one’s imaginative capacity and mental capacities? What does it mean to “apply” psychoanalysis—and is this a version of a master-slave relationship? In what ways is motherhood uniquely in touch with mothering, violence, and the subjectivity of human experience? Why is the spectacle of (usually masculine) violence such a source of public pleasure? And what does this have to do with male fragility?

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