Faculty Writing: American Macronism and the Nuclear Family

For The Nation, Ajay Singh Chaudhary examines the parallels between French president Emmanuel Macron and would-be U.S. president Pete Buttigieg,  and the unique dangers of an “American Macronism” far beyond the former Mayor of South Bend. Chaudhary writes: “With a strategy of political demobilization, discouragement, and disenfranchisement, by legal means, gray areas, and ideological heavy lifting, Macronism promises to protect and extend the economic and social realities of the past 40 years and beyond.”

Sophie Lewis, author of Full Surrogacy Now: Feminism Against Family, is profiled by Marie Solis in Vice, discussing her work, her life, and the necessity of revitalizing the feminist critique against the nuclear family. Writes Solis: “She’s concerned with much bolder possibilities: In Lewis’s utopian future, the family as we know it no longer exists. Everyone, regardless of gender, is a surrogate; we mother each other.”


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