Faculty Writing: Globalization and Literature, Imperialism and the Police, and Bolsonaro’s Neoliberalism

For the Los Angeles Review of Books, Danielle Drori reviews Kfir Cohen-Lustig’s Makers of Worlds, Readers of Signs: Israeli and Palestinian Literature in the Global Contemporary. “What most Israeli literary critics have viewed as a postmodern wave — novels narrated by fragmented voices, featuring satirical descriptions of the act of storytelling — Cohen-Lustig interprets as the outcome of globalization in Israel.”

In Bookforum, Patrick Blanchfield discusses Stuart Shrader’s Badges without Borders: How Global Counterinsurgency Transformed American Policing: “In his distressing and erudite history, Schrader documents how many of the tools and tactics adopted by American police over the past half century were originally deployed to fight communism abroad… the era of intensified American policing that began in the 1960s cannot be understood outside the context of the Cold War national-security state.”

In Jacobin, Nara Roberta Silva discusses the history of neoliberalism in Brazil, and Bolsonaro’s “new chapter neoliberalism.” For Silva: “Assessing the logic of Bolsonaro’s governance is crucial to figuring out effective long-term alternatives to this project.”

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