Faculty Writing: Imperialism in Two Countries

In the Guardian, Ajay Singh Chaudhary reflects on the 15th anniversary of the criminal invasion of Iraq, “a massively destructive, destabilizing, and completely unwarranted war of aggression.” What’s forgotten, Chaudhary writes, is the nightmare atmosphere of America’s rush to war: “if there was a ‘totalitarian’ moment in my lifetime, it is unquestionably the period between 9/11 and the Iraq war.”

In Forbes, Adriana Garrega-Lopéz connects Puerto Rico’s troubled recovery from Hurricane Maria to its political and economic subjugation at the hands of the United States. Rather than provide sufficient aid to solve the island’s infrastructural crisis, the U.S. “prioritizes Puerto Rico’s credit obligations—held primarily by vulture funds from the U.S.—over…quality of life. The U.S. owes Puerto Rico a serious attempt at restructuring this relationship to ensure justice for Puerto Ricans.”