Faculty Writing: On National Conservatism, and a Commemoration of Edward Said

Writing in Jewish Currents, Suzy Schneider profiles Yoram Hazony—political philosopher, former Netanyahu speech writer, and founder of the National Conservative movement—detailing the (il)logic and stakes of his “attempts to redeem nationalism from its genocidal associations” and reimagine political identity as “rootedness, belonging, and honor, a metaphorical roof over the head of otherwise atomized and troubled souls.” Not only this, but, Schneider points out, Hazony’s aim is “to provide the ascendant global right” with “a more reputable intellectual pedigree” and “a respectable ideological scaffolding it can take home to mother.”

And, as part of an event series commemorating the life and work of Palestinian-American scholar and activist Edward Said, held at and in partnership with Brooklyn Public Library, Schneider offers a synoptic view of Said’s critical innovations and legacy in a program that included opening remarks from Mariam Said and responses from BISR’s Ajay Singh Chaudhary and critic and historian Robert JC Young. 

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