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Faculty Writing: The John McCain Phenomenon and New York Sublime

In the Baffler, Patrick Blanchfield examines the personal history and media phenomenon of John McCain. What makes McCain catnip to the sententious white men (and, sometimes, women) who occupy the upper reaches of the American political commentariat? “Probably the central key to the Phenomenon,” Blanchfield writes, “is how John McCain’s story activates some of the […]

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Faculty Video: Marx Now: A Symposium

Karl Marx is 200 years old. And yet, whenever Marx seems dead and buried, a new moment of economic or political crisis brings Marx’s critical understanding of capitalism back to the fore. In Marx Now, a two-day symposium co-presented by the Goethe-Institut New York and the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, leading scholars, activists, and artists discussed, in a […]

Faculty Writing: How Not to Talk About Climate Change and Paramilitary America

In Jacobin, Alyssa Battistoni excoriates Nathaniel Rich’s long, politically unsophisticated New York Times Magazine piece “Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change” For Rich, climate change and the inability to act to stop it is a tragedy for which “we”—not private power or the prevailing political-economic structure, but humans at large, victims to “human […]

Faculty Video: Borders, Migration, and Crisis

On Friday, July 6th, BISR (in partnership with the Consulate General of Mexico in Austin, Jolt Texas, and Union Communications Services, and in solidarity with Jolt’s “Art Caravan for Children to Brownsville” on July 8th) convened a critical and wide-ranging conversation on migration and the present-day immigration crisis: its roots, form, and legal and physical structure; […]

Faculty Writing: UBI, Concentration Camps for Kids, and Hope through Despair

In In These Times, Alyssa Battistoni tackles the emerging debate between Universal Basic Income proponents and advocates for a federal job guarantee. Why not both, she asks: “Though UBI and JG are typically counterposed, it’s entirely plausible they could coexist.” “My hunch,” she writes “is that the JGUBI debate has become so loaded in part […]

Faculty Writing and Video: The Other Puerto Rico and BISR on BRIC TV

In Social Text, Adriana María Garriga-López writes, very personally, of “The Other Puerto Rico” — marginalized sites of self-sufficiency, sustained by solidarity, that sit at the “razor’s edge of neoliberal precarity.” This “other Puerto Rico,” obscured by the shadows of a disaster capitalist state, is “the only thing that makes living in Puerto Rico possible right […]

Faculty Writing: Two Poems

In the Winter/Spring 2018 issue of Fence are two poems by BISR faculty Anjuli Raza Kolb and Rebecca Ariel Porte. Kolb’s, entitled “Raat Ki Raani,” ponders double-edged freedom: I’m free to think about things like love to hear the fast spring stream prancing on her own grave and think in Flint they have no running […]

Faculty Writing: James Comey’s Truth and Black and White New York

In the Baffler, Patrick Blanchfield reviews James Comey’s unctuous apologia Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership. As Blanchfield observes, “Comey is a True Believer in Truth Itself” (according to Comey, “As a legal principle, if people don’t tell the truth, our justice system cannot function and a society based on the rule of law begins […]

Faculty Writing: Eros and the Death Drive

In the Los Angeles Review of Books, Suzanne Schneider reviews Oliver Roy’s Jihad and Death: the Global Appeal of Islamic State (Oxford). “No mention of Freud’s ‘death drive’ appears in [the book],” Schneider writes, “but it does seem to lurk in the corners.” According to Roy, modern jihad is “a nihilistic phenomenon in which death (of others, […]

Marx Now: A Symposium Schedule and Participants

On Saturday and Sunday, May 5-6, renowned scholars, artists and activists will join Goethe-Institut New York and the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research for Marx Now: A Symposium. Across a series of panels and learning sessions, we’ll explore why, 200 years after his birth, Marx remains relevant to our contemporary moment. How does Marx speak to […]