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Faculty Chat: Music, Form, and Criticism

Is musical criticism the mere expression of personal opinion, or can judgments be meaningfully made about a work’s goodness or badness (both as a piece of music and as a cultural object)? In a recent Faculty Chat, core faculty members Ajay Singh Chaudhary and Rebecca Ariel Porte sat down to discuss music, form, and the […]

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Faculty Writing: Patrick Blanchfield on Trump and American Violence

Faculty member Patrick Blanchfield recently took to N+1 to discuss two not unrelated features of American life: Donald Trump and rampant gun violence. In the latter, Thoughts & Prayers, Blanchfield discusses gun violence in its most sensational form: the mass shooting. In the wake of the October 1st Las Vegas massacre, as they do after […]

Faculty Interview: Nathan Shields on Beethoven

The interest in Beethoven lies not only in his music, much of which is tremendously powerful, but also in his historical significance – the great, unprecedented impact he had on his contemporaries and the changes he seems to have wrought on Western tonal art and aesthetic thinking. In advance of his upcoming course Beethoven: Music […]

Faculty Chat: Fundamentalism

In advance of her course Fundamentalism: an Introduction, BISR core faculty member Suzanne Schneider-Reich sat down with fellow core faculty member Ajay Singh Chaudhary to discuss the concept and practices of fundamentalism. Among the subjects pondered is fundamentalism’s perennial and antagonistic intersection with liberalism, a tradition Ajay will treat in his upcoming course What is Liberalism? After a few […]

Faculty Interview: Michael Stevenson on Kant’s Critical Philosophy

Awoken, he said, from his dogmatic slumbers by the empiricism of the Scottish philosopher David Hume, Immanuel Kant embarked in his late 50s on a multi-work project to explain and justify the power of the human understanding to perceive and establish scientific and moral truth. The resulting body of philosophy, called collectively Kant’s “critical philosophy,” […]

Faculty Chat: Empire, State and Nationalism

As a form of political organization, Empire dates to ancient Mesopotamia. “States”, fortified by nationalisms, are rather more recent creations. Is modern political history the obsolescence of the former in the wake of the latter? In a recent Faculty Chat, BISR Executive Director and Core Faculty Member Ajay Singh Chaudhary and Core Faculty Member Suzanne […]

Faculty Lightning Lectures

As part of the very first Annual Institute Social, four of our faculty members delivered lightning lectures on topics they are currently working on. Watch the following videos to hear Danya Glabau’s talk about the anthropocene body, Raphaele Chappe’s discussion of prediction markets, Bruce King’s musing on the foundations of Plato’s academy, and Rebecca Ariel […]

Faculty Writing: On Feminism, Higher Education, and Violence in America

Abby Kluchin wrote “Nevertheless, She Resisted: Problem Students and Hunting Girls” for The Revealer, a piece in which she engages contemporary feminist debates within higher education. “The hunting girl is not only both predator and prey; she couples total agency with absolute passivity. Different iterations of this trope tend to emphasize one or the other. Consider hacker Lisbeth Salander, […]

Faculty Writing: On Purity and Food Allergies

Danya Glabau wrote “Necessary Purity,” a piece in which she discusses situated needs for material purity, the nature of scientific facts, and the challenges of living with food allergy. “Rising rates of food allergies seems to validate the menacing sense that the postindustrial world is inimical to human health. It is even tempting to regard food allergy as […]

Faculty Interview: Suzanne Schneider on the Modern Middle East

In advance of her course Empire, Nation-State, Caliphate: The Modern Middle East, we sat down with BISR core faculty and director of operations Suzanne Schneider to chat about her approach to studying the history and politics of the Modern Middle East.   The title of this course, “Empire, Nation-State, Caliphate” gestures at some sort of transformation. […]