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Introduction to Feminist Theory

Instructor: Alyssa Battistoni
Textile Arts Center
505 Carroll St
Brooklyn NY , 11215

Feminism is often recognized as a political movement. But is there a feminist way of thinking about politics? If so, what is it? In this course, we’ll investigate the core premises and questions of feminism as they relate to political thinking, focusing particularly on feminist political thought as it developed in the twentieth century. What does it mean to be a woman, and who counts as one? How does gender shape our conceptions of knowledge and action, power and leadership, the public and the private? What are appropriate topics for politics, and what should remain private? Is the family a space for politics? How much of the personal can, and should, be made political? What is the meaning of “difference,” and how should it affect political concepts traditionally understood as universal, from citizenship to justice to reason? Is there such a thing as a feminist state? Feminist tactics? Feminist subjects? Or should a feminist politics aim to realize the promise of the universal? In addressing these questions, we will read both primary texts of feminist political thought and feminist interpretations of the political theory canon, including Simone de Beauvoir, Carol Pateman, Catherine MacKinnon, Carol Gilligan, Susan Moller Okin, Chandra Mohanty, Patricia Hill Collins, Iris Marion Young, Kimberlé Crenshaw, Kathi Weeks, Nancy Fraser, and Wendy Brown.

Course Schedule

Tuesday, 6:30-9:30pm
January 29 — February 19, 2019
4 weeks


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