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Reading Group: Homer’s Iliad

Instructor: Bruce King
This is an online course (Eastern Time)

Homer’s language—a mix of forms from different dialects and historical periods—never had a vernacular life of its own. It was an art-language, existing only for the singing of Homeric poems. In this eight-week reading group, we’ll work our way through the marvelous diversity of Homeric morphology and the particularities of Homeric syntax by way of selections from the Iliad. We will pay close attention to meter and to the organization of thought within the hexameter line, while luxuriating in the metaphoric and mythological density of Homer’s language and the oral tradition that honed it. This course will offer ample opportunity to review the basics of the Homeric language and, as such, is intended for students who have recently completed a grammar course and for those who once studied ancient Greek and are now looking for an opportunity to return to it. The course is capped at eight students.

Course Schedule

Tuesday, 6:30-8:30pm ET
January 30 — March 19, 2024
8 weeks


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