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Atlanta-America-Asia: Examining Anti-Asian Hate — a Teach-In and Discussion

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The March shooting deaths of eight Asian-American women in Atlanta, part of a recent upsurge in anti-Asian animus, have forced into public view a long-elided history of migration, identity, sex work, exclusion, and nationalism. Imbricated in these murders are a host of urgent issues—from racialized and sexualized violence, to migrant labor, resurgent nationalism in contemporary geopolitics, conditions of the global economy, and political possibilities and potentialities. In trying to understand the Atlanta shootings, there is no avoiding the transnational; the personal is the geopolitical. 

In Atlanta-America-Asia: Examining Anti-Asian Hate, BISR faculty and guests will gather to discuss and contextualize the recent intensification, throughout the U.S., in anti-Asian racism and violence. In what ways has U.S. imperialism, with its long and violent involvement in Asia and the Pacific, conditioned perceptions of Asian migrantsas workers, citizens, and non-whites? What explains increasing U.S. antagonism toward China, and in what ways does it redound domestically? Why are Asian-Americans at once seen as a “model” minority and as essentially Other; and how has the racialized sorting of Asian- versus Hispanic and Black Americans thwarted interracial solidarity? In addition to panel discussion, we will also be answering student questions, which we encourage you to submit in advance to

Atlanta-America-Asia will take place Monday, April 19th, at 6pm. The event is free to attend and will stream live to the BISR Facebook page. For a reminder and any updates, please RSVP below.

Event Schedule

Monday, 6:00pm ET
April 19, 2021


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