BISR Docent: Moran Kliger’s Cain

For artist Moran Kliger, the Biblical story of Cain and Abel depicts the rupture of the self as the basis of the rupture between ourselves and othersjealousy strikes at Cain, and Cain strikes at Abel. In the latest edition of BISR Docent, BISR faculty Rotem Rozental will guide us through Kliger’s recent Noga Gallery exhibition Cain, in which, in oil and ink, Kliger represents a cycle of fraternal division and strange reunionfrom free-willed rupture (“unto thee shall be his desire”) to murder, exile, and cathartic unification. As we go, we’ll consider the story’s various artistic and cultural legacies: How do Cain and Abel abet, and yet also disrupt, simple moral dichotomies of the good and the bad? In what ways is Cain a prefiguration of conceptions of the Other (in particular, the stigmatized Wandering Jew)? How, in contemporary art, can we represent Biblical narrative? Can new artistic forms allow for the forging of new space for ritual and tradition?

BISR Docent: Moran Kliger’s Cain will take place Thursday, January 21st, at 6pm ET/3pm PT. Registration is free, though space is limited. Please RSVP below.

Event Schedule

Thursday, 6:00pm ET
January 21, 2021


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