CYBORG — a Book Launch and Discussion

BISR Central
68 Jay Street, #425
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Have 21st century technologies—from smartphones to medical devices to the commonplace use of artificial intelligence—made cyborgs of us all? In their new book, Cyborg (MIT Press), BISR faculty Danya Glabau and co-author Laura Forlano take feminist cyborg theory as their starting point to explore the myriad ways that technology traverses our daily lives and practices and to ask: how do social and cultural factors—from gender to race, class to ability—affect how technologies are imagined, developed, put to use, and, crucially, resisted? 

Join us Friday, May 3rd, at BISR Central, for a celebration and wide-ranging discussion of what Glabau and Forlano have called “critical cyborg literacy,” an approach that brings together insights from critical feminist, race, and disability thinkers in an effort to reframe popular and scholarly conversations around the affordances of cyborg theory and to reimagine the cyborg in light of emerging technologies like automation and AI. Together with fellow faculty Sophie Lewis and Rebecca Ariel Porte, we’ll examine how the technological imaginary is expressed differentially along axes of identity, how technologies differentially shape our being in the world, and where and how resistances emerge to the use and application of technologies in our work, our healthcare, our intimate lives, and our social interactions.

The event is free to attend, with a suggested $10 donation. For audiences far and wide, the event will livestream to the BISR Facebook page. Beer, wine, seltzer, and snacks will be served. In-person and remote audiences, please RSVP below.

Event Schedule

Friday, 7:00pm ET
May 03, 2024


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