The City and the Stakes: the NYC Mayoral Race

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The New York City Democratic mayoral primary features a bewildering array of candidates and a bewildering new voting system: ranked choice. How can we make sense of the race—from the many contenders to the multiple ballot? For a city in many ways in crisis, what are the stakes?

Join us, Thursday, June 3rd, as BISR faculty Nara Roberta Silva and Antonio Alessandrini and guests Susan Kang and Cea Weaver take a critical look at the NYC mayoral race. We’ll consider not simply the state of the primary, but also the positions of the leading candidates vis-a-vis the most crucial issues facing the city: from NYPD impunity to affordable housing to transportation and decaying infrastructure. We’ll ask, too, why certain candidates have come to the fore: What are we to make of Andrew Yang’s improbable rise? Is he an empty vessel, a Trojan horse, or a repeat Bloomberg (the second time as farce)? Who is Eric Adams, former Republican and NYPD police officer? Why is the NYC left, so formidable a force in New York state politics, marginal to the city’s mayoral race? And, finally, how can we understand ranked choice voting? How does it work, is it a good thing, and how should it be used—whether the intent is to elect a “good” candidate or to defeat a terrible one?

The City and the Stakes: the NYC Mayoral Race is free to attend and will stream live to the BISR Facebook page. To receive any updates and a reminder, please RSVP below.

Event Schedule

Thursday, 7:00pm EST
June 03, 2021
4 weeks


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