Virology: a Reading, Conversation, and Celebration with Joseph Osmundson

BISR Central
68 Jay Street, #425
Brooklyn, NY 11201

Join us Wednesday, September 21st, as we explore (and celebrate) BISR faculty Joseph Osmundson’s acclaimed new book (one of Literary Hubs “Most Anticipated” of 2022) Virology: Essays for the Living, the Dead and the Small Things in Between (Norton). With Joseph and fellow faculty Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Raphaële Chappe, and Nafis Hasan, we’ll read from Virology‘s 11 interconnected essays and discuss the structure and mechanics of viruses and their power to affect not only our health, but our economy, society, and the very ways we speak and think. And, reprising BISR’s early pandemic broadcasts, we’ll survey the current pandemic landscape—from Covid’s continued, if “quiet,” proliferation to the emergence of monkeypox, persisting economic turbulence, political fallout, and the collapse of so-called public health. As we asked 26 months ago, where do we go from here?

Event Schedule

Wednesday, 7:00pm ET
September 21, 2022


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