Who Needs a Worldview? Raymond Geuss in Conversation

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What constitutes a worldview? Is it necessary to our very ability to comprehend the world? Must philosophy, and our thinking, be consistent, complete, and all-explanatory? What is the alternative? On Sunday, February 28th, BISR faculty Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Michael Stevenson, and Rebecca Ariel Porte will welcome world-renowned philosopher Raymond Geuss for a wide-ranging discussion of Geuss’s most recent book Who Needs a Worldview? (Harvard). We’ll explore Geuss’s understanding of what a worldview is; the history and habit of the worldview in Western philosophical, political, and aesthetic thought (including its two seemingly paradigmatic examples: communism and Catholicism); the problems and pathologies of certain kinds of systemic thinking; and alternative conceptions for thinking and philosophizing. We’ll discuss, too, Geuss’s related critique of ideal political theories of rights and justice, his competing notion of “real politics,” his engagement with Critical Theory, and the thought and legacy of the late philosopher Sydney Morgenbesser, teacher to Geuss and spiritual godfather, of a sort, to BISR.

The event is free to attend and will stream live to the BISR Facebook page. To receive any updates and a reminder, please RSVP below.

Who Needs a Worldview? is available for purchase here.

Event Schedule

Sunday, 2:00pm ET
February 28, 2021


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