Jacques Louis David, The Death of Socrates

Reading Group: Plato’s Dialogues

Instructor: Bruce King
This is an online course (Eastern Time)

In this eight-week course, we will read together a dialogue of Plato in the original Greek, giving close attention to central components and qualities of his diction: word choice and semantic range, word order and hyperbaton, use of discourse particles, “comic” and colloquial speech, as well as use of more “literary” registers; throughout, we’ll ask how Plato’s unique diction facilitates the making of dialogic form and of philosophical thought. We’ll also take a look at some brief comparanda from Aristophanes’ comic plays, so as to better understand the making of Platonic prose and the invention of philosophical dialogue.  Reading Plato will also offer us the opportunity to review, as necessary, the morphology and syntax of Attic prose. The choice of dialogue will be by the consensus of our group, but possibilities include Apology, Alcibiades 1, Lysis, or Meno. The course is capped at eight students. 

Course Schedule

Friday, 5:00-6:30pm ET
September 15 — November 04, 2023
8 weeks


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