Gerhard Kraus, Skyline Manhattan, Central Park

“Thrive, Cities”: a Cultural History of New York, 1850-Present

Instructor: Jude Webre
The Lee
133 Pitt Street
New York, NY 10002

This course will explore the ever changing nature of New York through its people and communities during four periods: the Democratic City, the Modern City, the Postwar City, and the Affluent City. Using a range of primary sources (essays, poetry. photographs, archival documents, film and music clips), we will seek to understand changes and continuity in city life around several broad themes: immigration, urban development, bohemianism, gentrificationart, labor, and finance. The sources selected will emphasize lived experience represented from diverse perspectives. Readings include Walt Whitman, Jacob Riis, Zora Neale Hurston, Helen Keller, Jane Jacobs, Frank O’Hara, and Joseph O’Neill.

“Thrive, Cities” is a Community Initiative course and only open to our partner organizations and the communities they serve.