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Elizabeth Marcus

Elizabeth Marcus received her BA from the University of Oxford in Modern History and French, and completed her PhD in French and Comparative Literature at Columbia University. Elizabeth’s research focuses on the literatures and history of the Francophone and Arab world, with a particular interest in intellectual networks, multilingualism, migration and cosmopolitanism. Her dissertation examines modern Lebanon, and the intersections between politics, culture, language and religion after independence in 1943. She is developing a second project on global intellectual history, international students and radical politics in post-war France. She has taught in the Core Curriculum at Columbia University and at MIT as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Global Studies and Languages Department. Outside of all this, Elizabeth seeks all forms of reading, cooking and thinking about Middle Eastern food, has written on Jews and Arabs in France, and is writing – for now, just in her head- a tract on the production of a culture surrounding “food and memories of exile.”