Hannah Leffingwell - Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

Hannah Leffingwell

Hannah Leffingwell is a writer, historian, and educator specializing in queer and gender history, lesbian culture, and contemporary LGBTQ+ and feminist social movements. She is a part-time faculty member at the New School for Social Research and an associate faculty member at Brooklyn Institute for Social Research. Her research situates twentieth-century lesbian history in transnational and intersectional contexts, asking how experiments in queer and feminist world-making have driven movements for social change across national borders. She is a PhD Candidate in History and French Studies at New York University, where she has taught courses on modern queer history, gender history, political revolutions, modern Europe, Russian history, and the history of ideas. Her writing has appeared in Gender & History, Jacobin, The Chronicle Review, Public Seminar, Political Junkie, Eurozine, Sinister Wisdom, and the Journal of the History of Ideas Blog. Her writing is also forthcoming in Transnational LGBTQ+ Networks in Europe and the Americas: Collaborations, Interventions and Activism since 1940 (Bloomsbury Academic).