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Jude Webre

Jude Webre is a political and intellectual historian of the modern U.S. with particular interest in the intersection of creative expression and radical democratic movements in the mid-twentieth century. He completed his PhD in History at Columbia University in 2017. His dissertation analyzed the reception and adaptation of European literary modernism into American culture, from World War I to the early Cold War, specifically the ways in which radical affiliations shaped the aesthetic ideologies and practices of American modernists. His post-doctoral teaching and writing have sought to engage the full spectrum of the American political tradition, from the socialist and anarchist Left to modern conservatism, especially regarding questions of race, immigration, and social democracy. Since 2013, Jude has taught courses in History, American Studies, and Literature Humanities at Columbia, Yeshiva University, NYU-Gallatin, and BISR. He also has served as a researcher and consulting historian for Robert Caro, the Office for Metropolitan History, Goethe-Institut, and Civic Spirit. Besides his scholarly life, Jude has been a performing rock and jazz bassist in New York since the early ‘00s.