K. Soraya Batmanghelichi - Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

K. Soraya Batmanghelichi

Soraya Batmanghelichi is a women’s activist and feminist scholar. She is a post-doctoral research scholar at the Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life at Columbia University. She holds a doctorate in Middle Eastern Studies; a Master of Arts in Human Rights; a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Columbia University; and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature and Near Eastern Studies from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She conducts research on contemporary women’s movements, sexuality, and gendered public space in the Middle East, specializing in gender and politics of modern Iran. Some of her publications can be found in Feminist Media Histories and Journal of Anthropology of the Middle East, among others. Outside of academia, she rages against the machine, passionately discusses US foreign policy and Middle Eastern history and politics, and expands her cooking and baking skills to the delight of her friends and family.