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Pearl Brilmyer

S. Pearl Brilmyer is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Oregon and postdoctoral fellow at the Institute for Cultural Inquiry in Berlin. She received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from the University of Texas at Austin and has been a visiting scholar in the department of Comparative Literature at NYU and the department of Philosophy at the New School for Social Research as well as a visiting predoctoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science. Her research interests include literary and philosophical realism, theories of will and drive (Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Wundt), questions of materiality and temporality in feminist and queer theory, and problems of description and characterization. She has recently published in PMLA and Representations, and is currently completing an experimental edition of the South African writer Olive Schreiner’s 1926 novel, From Man to Man; or Perhaps Only.