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Robbie Howton

Robbie holds a PhD in Philosophy with certification from the Collaborative Programme in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy from the University of Toronto. Currently working full-time as a software engineer in New York City, he was previously appointed as Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey, and as Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh.

Robbie offers courses in the history of philosophy, focusing especially on ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and the traditions they influenced, as well as on topics in the philosophy of mind and perception. His research focuses on issues in ancient Greek philosophy and the philosophy of perception, most recently on a cluster of topics in Aristotle’s psychology and natural science, including perceptual discrimination, the metaphysics of color and other sensible qualities, the epistemic value of sense experience, and the status of soul as a final cause in the Aristotelian life sciences.