Türkan Pilavci - Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

Türkan Pilavci

Türkan Pilavci completed her Ph.D. at Columbia University, specializing in the art and archaeology of the ancient Near East. Her dissertation investigated the cult practices and ritual paraphernalia of Anatolia during the Hittite period, titled “Drinking a God and Sacrificing a Drink: Agency of the Hittite Libation Vessels.” She received her B.A. in Political Science and History from Bogaziçi University, Istanbul, and completed her M.A. in the Archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean at K.U. Leuven. Having participated in numerous archaeological projects, she is the Assistant Director at Tarsus-Gözlükule Excavation and Research Project, Turkey. Her research focuses on archaeology of ritual, agency of material culture and reception of antiquities.