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The Podcast for Social Research, Ep. 26: Mandatory Separation: Palestine, Religion, and Mass Politics

In the 26th episode of the Podcast for Social Research, Suzanne Schneider, Antonio Alessandrini, and Ajay Singh Chaudhary take the publication of Suzanne’s book Mandatory Separation: Religion, Education, and Mass Politics in Palestine as an opportunity to discuss the relationship between religion, education, and modern mass politics. In Mandate Palestine, the British colonial government, which saw religion as necessarily apolitical, supported religious education for both Palestinians and Jews as an antidote to radicalism and nationalism. In doing so, they inadvertently provided leaders of both groups a tool for developing nationalist identities, and thus helped set the terms for contemporary Middle Eastern conflict. Why was religion a boon for nationalist identity formation? Is religion a source of stability and continuity, or is it historically an agent for radical change? What makes a concept, proposition, or practice religious, and why does it matter? Indeed, are religion and politics, even in the modern period, neatly and easily separable?

The Podcast for Social Research

From Plato to quantum physics, Walter Benjamin to experimental poetry, Frantz Fanon to the history of political radicalism, The Podcast for Social Research is a crucial part of our mission to forge new, organic paths for intellectual work in the twenty-first century: an ongoing, interdisciplinary series featuring members of the Institute, and occasional guests, conversing about a wide variety of intellectual issues, some perennial, some newly pressing. Each episode centers on a different topic and is accompanied by a bibliography of annotations and citations that encourages further curiosity and underscores the conversation’s place in a larger web of cultural conversations.

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The Podcast for Social Research, Ep. 25.5, Shortcast: Bicentennial Frankenstein

In our first Podcast for Social Research Shortcast, BISR’s Rebecca Ariel Porte, Raphaele Chappe, Mark DeLucas, Suzanne Schneider, and Ajay Singh Chaudhary watch the trailer for the movie Mary Shelley and consider the life of Mary Shelley, the Romantic intellectual milieu, and filmic representations of genius. Are intellectual bio-pics always undone by self-seriousness? Is campiness the key […]

The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 25: Borders, Migration, and Crisis

The twenty-fifth episode of the Podcast for Social Research is a live recording of “Borders, Migration, and Crisis,” a critical and wide-ranging conversation on migration and the present-day immigration crisis: its roots, form, and legal and physical structure, the political, legal, economic, and geographical contexts for migration,  and alternatives to the status quo. The event, which […]

The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 24: Perennial Fashion: Music and Criticism

In the twenty-fourth episode of the Podcast for Social Research, Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Rebecca Ariel Porte, Nathan Shields, and Jude Webre discuss the relationship between music and criticism and the what it means to talk intelligibly about popular genres ranging from jazz to pop to prog rock. Departing from Adorno’s “Perennial Fashion—Jazz” and recent work […]

The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 23: Dire States

Episode twenty-three of the podcast is a live recording hosted by Caveat Space. Just Before Trump delivered his first State of the Union, guests Sarah Jaffe (the Nation Institute) and Kazembe Balagun (Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung) and BISR’s Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Patrick Blanchfield, Samantha Hill, and Kali Handelman took to the Caveat stage to discuss the […]

The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 22: Seeing Red–On the Centenary of the Russian Revolution

In the twenty-second episode of the Podcast for Social Research, Asma Abbas, Tony Alessandrini, Ajay Singh Chaudhary, and Rebecca Ariel Porte commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the Russian Revolution with a conversation about its material legacy in text, music, visual art, film, architecture and technology. Panelists ask what the revolution was, why it happened, how […]

The Podcast for Social Research, Special Minicast Episode

We’ve been podcasting for six years — from even before the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research’s first class. Our podcasts have always covered a range of topics — from philosophy and literature, to science and technology, to politics and society — and is always socially engaged (and always features an interactive bibliography!). To continue the Podcast for […]

The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 21: Science and Society – Education, Access and the Question of Boundaries

Episode 21 of the Podcast for Social Research features a conversation between core faculty members Raphaële Chappe and Danya Glabau on science education in the contemporary moment. What does it mean to be scientifically or mathematically literate and what do these literacies have to do with the styles of critical inquiry at play in the […]

The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 20: The People’s Summit

The twentieth episode of the Podcast for Social Research was recorded live June 9-10 at “The People’s Summit” in Chicago, Illinois! BISR executive director and core faculty Ajay Singh Chaudhary and program coordinator (and future organizing fellow) Audrey Nicolaides sat down with Maria Svart of the Democratic Socialists of America, Sarah Leonard of The Nation and Dissent, and […]

The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 19: Biopolitics in Bloomberg’s New York

The nineteenth episode of the Podcast for Social Research features BISR research associate Jeffrey Escoffier, formerly the director of health, media, and marketing for the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene under Michael Bloomberg, in conversation with Ajay Singh Chaudhary and Danya Glabau. Jeffrey, Ajay, and Danya talk through Foucault’s conception of […]