The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 24: Perennial Fashion: Music and Criticism

In the twenty-fourth episode of the Podcast for Social Research, Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Rebecca Ariel Porte, Nathan Shields, and Jude Webre discuss the relationship between music and criticism and the what it means to talk intelligibly about popular genres ranging from jazz to pop to prog rock. Departing from Adorno’s “Perennial Fashion—Jazz” and recent work by the critic Kelefa Sanneh, this roundtable considers the following questions: What does it mean to do music criticism in a world of constantly mutating genres, sounds, forms, and vocabularies? What does it mean to listen to music as a critic, an enthusiast, a performer, or a composer? How does taste really work? And how do conversations about music shape our social worlds?

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Episode 24: Perennial Fashion--Music and Criticism


Charlie Chaplin, Modern Times

Charlie Christian, “Seven Come Eleven”

Ornette Coleman, Free Jazz

John Coltrane, “Lush Life”

Miles Davis, A Tribute to Jack Johnson

Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Pictures at an Exhibition

Benny Goodman, “Quintet in A Major for Clarinet and Strings, K. 581: Menuetto,” Mozart

Roy Harper, Stormcock

Charles Ives, “The Unanswered Question”

King Crimson, “In the Court of the Crimson King”


Led Zeppelin

Mahavishnu Orchestra, “You Know, You Know”

Wynton Marsalis Septet, “Black Codes from the Underground”

The Marx Brothers, A Night at the Opera

Charles Mingus, Pithecanthropus Erectus

Modest Mussorgsky, Pictures at an Exhibition

Joanna Newsom, “Divers”

Frank Ocean, “Nature Feels”

Charlie Parker, “Bird of Paradise”


Arnold Schoenberg, Pierrot Lunaire

Igor Stravinsky, “The Flood”

Richard Wagner, “Prelude” from Tristan und Isolde



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