Podcast for Social Research, Episode 74: The Exhausted of the Earth — A Conversation

In episode 74 of the Podcast for Social Research, BISR faculty Ajay Singh Chaudhary sits down with writer and artist Molly Crabapple to discuss his new book, The Exhausted of the Earth: Politics in a Burning World (Repeater). Live-recorded at P&T Knitwear in New York City, the conversation encompasses, among other things: the ubiquity of exhaustion (and how feelings of exhaustion might form the basis for new international solidarities); right-wing approaches to climate mitigation (and why, in the realm of climate policy, the Right has a “leg up”); “growth,” “degrowth,” and how the status quo actually thwarts abundance; the limits (or, illusions) of climate technocracy (and the kinds of climate technologies that can work); and international social movement responses to climate catastrophe—and the lessons they might provide for U.S. activists.

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Podcast for Social Research, Ep. 74: The Exhausted of the Earth
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