The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 12: Radicalism

The Podcast for Social Research returns with an episode centered on theories of the radical. Departing from Emily Bazelon’s recent New York Times piece, “Who’s Really ‘Radical’?,” Suzy, Tony, and Ajay discuss the etymological origins, historical weight, and contemporary political force of the category of radicalism, asking, in the course of the conversation, who and what we call radical and what it means when we do. Case studies range from the Red Decade to political Islam.

The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 12: Radicalism



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Arbeit Ring

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Eyal Weizman, “The Art of War”

Raymond Williams, Keywords: A Vocabulary of Culture and Society


Technical Details: Recorded on January 31st, 2016 with a Studio Projects B1, a Shure SM-58, a Sennheiser e935on, a SONY-PCM-M10, a Behringer mixer, and a modicum of red wine. This episode of the Podcast for Social Research was edited by Susan Lee

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