The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 16: What Rough Beast? Contending with Trumpism

A sequel to our first, live, election-themed episode of the podcast (Slouching towards Election Day), Episode 16 responds to the urgent need for critical reflection in the wake of the recent, deeply divisive presidential election. Guests Kazembe Balagun (Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung), Donna Murch (Rutgers), and Bhaskar Sunkara (Jacobin) convene with BISR faculty including Tony Alessandrini, K. Soraya Batmanghelichi, Raphaële Chappe, Ajay Singh Chaudhary, Samantha Hill, Rebecca Ariel Porte, Suzanne Schneider, and Jude Webre. What went wrong in the lead-up to the election? And what is to be done in its aftermath? How should we define Trumpism and and how can we understand it? In addition to contending with these questions, this panel wrestles with the implications of an increasingly authoritarian executive branch, the problems of political resistance, and the question of how afraid we should really be.

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Episode 16: What Rough Beast? Contending with Trumpism


Technical Details: Recorded at The Bell House in Brooklyn on December 7th, 2016 with the gracious help of Bell House staff, a live audience, and a full spectrum of beer. This episode of the Podcast for Social Research was edited by Susan Lee.

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