The Podcast for Social Research, Episode 8: “Eating the Whole Thing” (Part I): Philosophy, Science, and Anxiety

 In this episode of the Podcast for Social Research, Michael, Christine, and I (Ajay) sit down with Professor David Albert of Columbia University to discuss quantum physics, the history of 20th and 21st century physics, the philosophy of science, and a host of related issues, including his recent – and sometimes heated – exchange with Lawrence Krauss. As this episode is so different from our others, and led primarily through Albert’s discussion of quantum physics, the Notations section will be a brief bibliography without time-stamps. We hope you enjoy!*

*- Michael and I will be recording a follow-up to this discussion shortly. To be posted soon!

(You can download here by right-clicking and “save as” or look us up on iTunes.


Episode 8: “Eating the Whole Thing” (Part 1): Philosophy, Science, and Anxiety


David Albert. Quantum Mechanics and Experience
David Albert. Time and Chance
Lawrence Krauss. A Universe from Nothing
David Albert. “On the Origin of Everything”
Ross Anderson and Lawrence Krauss. “Has Physics Made Philosophy and Religion Obsolete?”
Lawrence Krauss. “The Consolation of Philosophy”
Sean Carroll. “A Universe from Nothing?”

Technical Details: Recorded on a Samson CO1U into an msi PC running the beta version of the freeware program Audacity 1.3.13. This was the first test of our recording setup “in the field,” so to speak, and there were some issues, so please pardon any variance in sound quality. A single can of Coca-Cola was consumed during the recording of this podcast and said can was sitting on top of a desk. Where its electrons were at that particular moment is an open question.

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