Programs - Brooklyn Institute for Social Research

Office Hours

Office Hours offers students individualized study in a variety of forms guided by one of our expert faculty members.

Ranging from individual sessions (in-person or online) to a full 12 week course, you will meet 1-on-1 with your faculty mentor as you read your way through a syllabus customized around your personal or professional areas of interest. Whether you want to read the works of Marcel Proust, learn the history of the Modern Middle East, understand Hegel, or explore contemporary technology and society, Office Hours provides structure and space for intellectual inquiry and development. For students who are interested Office Hours can also involve a writing component in which students produce an essay related to their subject of study.


Praxis is a unique, flexible program that provides workshops, materials, classes, and hands-on training for non-profits, labor, political, and other public interest organizations. 

Praxis offers an opportunity to convene conversations, access new research and analytic frameworks, build political education programs, and discuss the critical topics and structural forces that inform organizing and public interest work.

Educator Access

Educator Access connects public K-12 and community college teachers to the Brooklyn Institute’s wide array of courses in the liberal arts and sciences. 

Made possible by a generous grant from the Teagle Foundation, Educator Access is a scholarship program that enables NYC- and Philadelphia-area public K-12 and community college teachers to take BISR courses, from economics to critical theory to philosophy to mathematics to a study of contemporary Black art and aesthetics, at the highly reduced rate of $150. In addition, all New York State Educator Access enrollees will receive New York State Continuing Teacher and Leader Education (CTLE) credit (12 credit hours). Application and enrollment is open for all Fall 2022 courses.

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BISR Certificate for Critical Study

An intensive year-long program, the BISR Certificate for Critical Study offers students a unique opportunity to delve deeply into a topic of their curiosity; to focus, develop, and expand a project that is already in the works; or to hone and enrich a professional or public practice with rigorous theoretical foundations. BISR Certificate students participate in a personalized course of study, within the broad framework of our disciplinary tracks, and with the close, personal attention of a BISR faculty tutor.