• What is Praxis?

    Working with anyone from leadership to rank-and-file members, BISR Praxis seminars and other programming can help organizations:


    • Use the seminar, study, and learning environment to work through thorny issues of strategy and mutual understanding.
    • Learn about the latest data in relevant fields and discuss multiple analytic frameworks for understanding it.
    • Open up a conversation with a shared text and build connections through learning together.
    • Build shared vocabulary for strategy, messaging, and internal communication.
    • Develop common political horizons.  


  • How does it work?

    Praxis sessions are designed around the specific needs of participating organizational leaders and/or members. They can be anything from intensive, strategy-focused workshops to far-ranging discussions over drinks and dinner. Praxis can also work on a project basis. They can be arranged in third party, BISR-affiliated spaces or in your own spaces. Praxis sessions and on-going programming are designed to meet the needs of your public interest, economic, social, and political organizing.

    Our Praxis event advanced both our internal thinking and engagement with close colleagues at related institutions. I highly recommend this approach for creative problem solving and useful, specific and otherwise inaccessible information and analysis. – Michelle Miller, co-founder, coworker.org.

    Praxis draws on the expertise of our faculty as well as years of BISR experience designing programming for and with working adults from all walks of life. Successful Praxis programs can draw not only on the obvious disciplinary backgrounds pertinent to so much public interest work (economics, political science, sociology, anthropology, media studies, psychology, etc.) but also from unexpected areas too (political theory, philosophy, literature, classics). BISR will work with you to make sure the program is as specific or interdisciplinary as needed. Praxis is flexible and designed to address the challenges your organization currently faces.

    If you have any questions relating to BISR Praxis or want to begin the process of setting up a session, program, or project, please fill out the form below:

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