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Update: The ~Archive Web alpha is here!

There will be radical changes to the web app, new features, the downloadable versions, and of course, more texts in the near future!

What is this?
The ~Archive is a tool to provide easy electronic access to out-of-print or hard to find texts. For further information, please visit our Kickstarter page.

It happens every day. Mostly to academics, journalists, and other knowledge professionals, but also to anyone who is conducting independent research or simply trying to figure out something that’s just beyond the reach of Google, Wikipedia, or even the local library. You find a reference to an important but impossible to find text. It could be old. It could be out of print. It could be rare. All you know is that you need it and you can’t have it. These are not the old books you can already get for free on your Kindle or iPad through Project Gutenberg, or what you can find, sometimes incomplete, on Google Books. We love these services and wonder how we ever lived without them. We are talking about a lot of other stuff. Stuff that fell through the cracks. Works that history forgot to record, except for a tiny reference in an essay or a newspaper review.  Books that are crumbling in an archive or private collection, which normally couldn’t be reproduced without permanent damage. And that’s where our ~Archive comes in.

As one of our projects here at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, we will be locating old, out-of-print, orphaned, and/or hard-to-find scholarly texts. We will be reproducing these books digitally (without destroying the originals) and making them publicly available in a wide variety of formats, including pristine, high-resolution reproductions of the original works. Please fill out the form below with as much info as you have on the book. If you don’t have much, that’s okay too, but the more the better. Thank you so much!

For more information, please visit our Kickstarter page!

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The ~Archive will be powered by Singularity&Co technology, which they have generously offered to share with us. Please check our their own project to support the development of this technology and to save genre fiction works in danger of disappearing forever.