Sigmund Freud, 1921

An introduction to Psychoanalysis

Instructor: Loren Dent
Dizzy’s Diner
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In 1917, Freud suggested that psychoanalysis followed Copernicus and Darwin in striking a blow to human narcissism: “The ego…is not even master in its own house.” Since Freud, subsequent psychoanalysts have offered further challenges to traditional philosophical views of subjectivity, especially those that presuppose consciousness as transparent to itself. Psychoanalysis, too, has grown fragmented, riven by tensions between numerous competing schools of thought and clinical practices. This course will offer an abbreviated survey of the major psychoanalytic schools, including Freudianism, ego psychology, object relations and contemporary relational thinking. We will pay attention not only to the distinctive theoretical contributions of these schools, but also to the clinical and historical implications of the divisions and debates among them. Primary and secondary readings will include Freud, Anna Freud, Melanie Klein, Jacques Lacan, Donald Winnicott and others. Students without prior familiarity with psychoanalysis are encouraged to register.

Course Schedule

Sunday, 6-9pm
February 28 — March 20, 2016
4 weeks


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