Post-Election Statement

Dear Friends of the Brooklyn Institute,

In response to the outpouring of anxiety, concern, and fear that we’ve witnessed with the outcome of this election season, we want to affirm that the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research remains committed to creating inclusive spaces for critical education. Now more than ever, we believe that expanding access to education and fostering communities for learning is fundamental to the defense of democracy and diversity and to the construction of a common political horizon. We denounce any expression or act of racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, or ableism. And we are deeply committed to offering courses that engage with all the forces that shape our society – including race, class, gender, sexuality, or even the strengths and limits of our own imaginations.

In the coming weeks, BISR will be announcing a series of new initiatives – some planned long before this week’s events and some newly taking shape in response to our changing political landscape. We hope that those who are currently enrolled in BISR courses, or who have recently studied with us, will find strength and solace in the act of coming together with others in the community to reassert our shared commitment to education, diversity, and dialogue.

Thank you for reading, and for being part of the BISR community.

All the best,


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